Artist Residency

Miguelli Artist Residency

  • Promote student creativity through lyrical, melodic, and/or harmonic composition.
  1. In line with national music standards for composition and improvisation.
  2. In line with the decline of creativity in American students.
  3. Aids in development of students’ self-confidence and communication.
  4. Deepens students’ understanding of the use of melodic and harmonic structures, and their use in communicating lyrical content.
  5. Writing lyrics helps to support proper use of language and understanding of poetic devices.
  6. Facilitates connection among educational disciplines – English/Language Arts and music.
  • Discuss modern popular music and its historic and cultural roots.
  1. Facilitates connection among educational disciplines – history and music.
  2. Deepens understanding of how one musician influences another, and how art can reflect or influence society and culture.
  • Perform original compositions.
  1. Students and I will have the opportunity to share our original compositions with one another.
  2. Facilitate discussion of performance techniques.
  • Lecture on current trends in music, performance, and the industry.

    1. Debunk myths about recording industry,
    2. Share stories from experience with a diverse array of artists.

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